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Kyoto Denim Purse04

Kyoto Denim Purse04

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made in Japan


[External dimensions] Height 12cm, width 8.5cm
[Inner dimensions] Height 10cm, width 7.2cm
[Weight] 34g (not including string)
[String part] Nylon approx. 150cm (6g)


[Body] Outer material: Domestic denim (front, patterned/back, no pattern), lining: Shantung (100% rayon)

[Base] Iron (antique gold)

[Specifications] Clasp opening

[Others] Netsuke Hall

Gamaguchi amulet case
You can use it like this
・As a protective case for the amulet received at the shrine
・Storage of small items
・IC card holder, etc.
Each item is handmade by a craftsman and delivered to you.

traditional craft techniques

This is a top-quality pouch made of denim fabric processed using traditional craft techniques used for kimonos (dyed with dyeing, layered with patterns, and patterned with gold).

*This pouch is the only one of its kind in the world, as each piece is handmade by craftsmen using traditional craft techniques and cut out from denim fabric. Therefore, the pattern you receive may differ slightly from the photo. Please note.

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