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SIZUKU BAG-luxury02

SIZUKU BAG-luxury02

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made in Japan


【Closed external dimensions】H25cm/W22.5cm/D13.2cm 

【Opening outer size】


【Opening inner dimensions】


【inner pocket size】



length34cm width1.7㎝



(Includes shoulder belt:約385g)

【shoulder belt】


※Product size is about value.



Outer material:Nylon(100%)

lining:nano suede


Outer material:Japanese denim、lining:nano suede

【code lock】abs/sus(gold plated)

【Eyelet】iron(Real gold plated)

【Handle metal part】iron(Real gold plated)+Genuine Leather(golden)

【handle string】Nylon

【Piping part】Genuine Leather(golden)

【shoulder belt】Genuine Leather(golden)38mm sheet woven tape(pp)

【Shoulder belt metal fittings part】iron(Real gold plated)

【Opening/closing string】nylon and polyester


  • Genuine leather and denim fabric decorates the whole

The piping uses original gold genuine leather made in Japan, and the denim part uses original Japanese denim fabric.

  • A bag with all gentle curves

The fabric is a luxurious and transparent nylon fabric with the image of a drop illuminated by the sun on each side. The material is extremely smooth to the touch and strong.

A curved line on the side that represents a drop. Craftsmen carefully wrapped domestic denim in one piece from the sides, bottom, and opposite side. The bag, which has a rounded bottom and stands on its own on the floor, is the work of a master craftsman.

Genuine gold leather piping with gentle curves

Genuine gold leather with a subdued luster gently borders the gusset of the denim material. Genuine gold leather piping with gentle curves

  • braided cord handle

The handle is made of sturdy nylon braided by craftsmen.

In old Japan, straw crafts and bamboo crafts were popular. The culture of tying knots using Kumihimo has also developed independently, and has evolved into a variety of practical knots.

Thin nylon round cord tied in a flat knot. Each handle is hand-tied by a craftsman, allowing you to enjoy the unique colors and feel the warmth of handiwork.

  • shoulder strap

Uses gold-colored nylon tape. It can be adjusted to your desired length.

  • Nylon cord at opening

The nylon cord at the opening allows you to adjust the opening and closing of the bag and is durable.

Just squeeze the clasp to close the bag. Tie the string into a bow knot at the opening, just like a drawstring bag. If you move the clasp part down, the opening will widen horizontally.

  • keybell

The key bell made of genuine leather is an original with the Kyoto Denim stamp. You can store your keys inside and hang them.

  • internal

There is one pocket inside, and a pocket slightly above it to make it easy to put in and take out your smartphone.



 Sizuku  Bag luxury

The only bag in the world

This is a one-of-a-kind piece of traditional craft Kyoto Yuzen dyeing.

Made by craftsmen using traditional Japanese techniques that have been around for over 100 years.

Japanese Design

Sizuku Denim Bag  Collection was created with the concept of a drop.

It is characterized by beautiful, glittering colors and a form that looks like it was cut out from nature.


Beautiful scenes that occur in everyday life, such as after the rain.

Giving form to the beautiful impressions that nature has given us.

People and plants also have water and life.

Water drops and drops are one of the beauties of life.

It sparkles just when the light shines through it

A bright and beautiful silhouette appears.

This is a collection bag created by combining drops from nature with three-dimensional designs and traditional Japanese crafts.


Made in Japan

Our Kyoto craftsmen create each product by hand with intricate attention to detail and exceptional quality.

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